Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Original Artwork by Marilyn Ang-2014

I got some time to really reflect and write during the last two weeks of 2013. It was such a great time sorting myself out, counting my blessings and really reflecting on life and the journey I've been on for almost 8 months now! As I wrote, my heart was just filled with so much thanks as I saw how much this year has taught me! 

If i were to sum this whole year up, I would do so with this illustration. It was like God gave me a handful of seeds. Every single one of these seeds were opportunities- Every event that took place big or small good or bad, they were like opportunities to learn, opportunities to fail. Definitely need more than one opportunity to get things right, right?  

Along this journey, I learnt so much more about my weaknesses, my strengths, how to be patient with myself, how to give myself room for failures. I've learnt so much how small and weak I am, and how much I needed to depend on Him to shine through me. 

I learnt that every situation He put me through was for a reason. It wasn't about how well I perform, whether or not I succeed. But it was about Him making a person out of me, through all these events. He was moulding and making me into a finer, precious piece of jewel. It wasn't all easy, there were many moments I had to fight myself through, but He never gave me anything too impossible for me to handle. He made me realize I am capable of so much more. And the best thing, He never once left. He was always there to give me strength. He always gave me more than I asked for!!

This taught me even more to enjoy and treasure every situation and event in life, because at the end when you put every single one of these moments together, however good, bad, beautiful, ugly, big or small, as insignificant as they seem, it all came together and formed such an amazing picture. Every single one of those events were so important in forming this beautiful experience!! 

I am so excited for 2014! There is so much more in store and i'm just so excited to walk another year with Him! It's gonna be so beautiful!!! 

Job 23:10-12 

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Time in Timor

I remember it was already December and I was walking in the Oecusse town, there were no decorations, no Christmas lights, no Christmas carols; the only Christmas trees that were standing were the ones for sell. "This is going to be a very different Christmas huh," I thought. It turned out the way I thought. We really had to make the effort to create the Christmas atmosphere. which actually turned out pretty fun, we're all convinced that one can really do so much when you have so little. For the whole month besides playing Christmas carols on our mp3s from morning until night and making ourselves "better meals", we spent a lot of time decorating our home. 

There was this day I wanted to put up the Christmas lights, I got Jamil to help me with the nailing and before long we found ourselves making a Christmas tree! It was such a hilarious afternoon, we had so much laughter setting it up! Right from one hopeless tree branch we got from our backyard, we managed to make it stand and serve us for the entire season! Many of our Timorese friends really loved it!

I made some Christmas-themed necklace over the month! Collected some more branches from the backyard, really happy with how this one turned out; the vibe it gives out and the statement it carries! tho it would definitely be better with more materials.. guess there are always greater opportunities for better!!

And this is a little project we did the first week we moved to this home! Some typography and a fishing net with shells for our sailor-themed home! Lovin our living room so much!!

 It was my first time creating handletterings with watercolour; It definitely adds so much feel to it
why did it take me so long to try it!!!!

On Christmas ever we had our little dinner all set, but the bummer lights just did not cooperate. It was so beautiful anyway, felt so blessed as we took some time to give thanks for the entire year, how God has indeed taught us and led us through so much! So blessed to be a part of this journey!!  

On Christmas day we made a very nice breakfast for ourselves, that we spent all morning preparing and only got to eat it at lunch! It was a cool and lovely morning. So misty!! After breakfast we each opened our one and only Christmas present from Sister Kayleen it really made us feel alot closer to home! God never fails to bring beautiful people to me every season of my life :)

Christmas eve with this awesome family

Candlelight Christmas eve dinner

Uma Kiik Timorese Culture to welcome Christmas and the New Year
This was for a competition and these guys only made it one day before the competition,
so impressive!!!

Lovely Christmas Breakfast

Cooked dinner and spent our night with these guys
So thankful for each and every one of them!

I also made my very own Christmas cards this year! Very happy to finally show it to the world after working on it for months, over my off days. Been trying to work with different art medias and I must say its been a so much fun learning so many new things!! I've never really work with paint brushes a lot but I'm glad this project gave me many opportunities to practice on my painting skills! Definitely the beginning of so much more! 

Christmas is so meaningful this year! All my life I've been taught that Christmas is a time to love and a time to give; I guess I learnt it best this year. True love is action. So blessed to be able to celebrate Christmas in the field at least once in a lifetime. I'll never forget! 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Dili A Little Bit More

Just got back from Dili once again... With our one year working Visas this time. This really feels like one of the greatest achievements in my life trust me, I've never encountered an admin process that required so much of my life!! 

This trip to Dili was planned within a night. One night during dinner we suddenly realise our visa was expiring in 5 days and we still haven't heard anything from the immigration office. It was actually supposed to arrive a month before. So we actually had to chase them down to get our documents processed LOL And when we finally went to meet their appointment at the Indo-Timor border on Monday, which was a 4 hours drive along the coast from Dili, guess what we were calmly greeted with the invitation to come back the next day as the director is away to Dili for another meeting. 

We made the hardest and sweetest decision of our lives, which was to spend the night nearby the border at somewhere like nowhere. Non of us brought anything like a toothbrush or a towel or a change of clothes; and I had my contact lenses on... With absolutely nothing to remove it for the next 24 hours. 

That was indescribable. 

And that's just one of the reasons why getting those visas was like accomplishing one whole milestone in my life.

It was the perfect situation to learn how to complain less and appreciate more. And to rejoice in the worst situations... It really thought me so much. 

Nonetheless, I must not forget to thank God for finally providing our Visas after 4 long long months!

Anyway besides that, I really had so much fun in Dili!! It was so nice meeting up with friends again, and eating and doing everything I have been deprved of! This time we got to travel to more places for different activities! I especially enjoyed the ride to the Batugade border!! Everything i was faced with for those 4 hours were nothing but beauty. I couldnt stop taking photos!! :)) And another memorable thing was listening to Ron Kenoly's album again after a thousand years!!! I played it over and over and over a million times just like how I did when I was a child! I still love it so so much!!!

Made some Christmas cards during my 12 hours ferry ride!
I enjoyed every bit of it this time, definitely made the ride alot less boring!!

Along the coast from Dili to Batugade:

Early flight back to Oecusse:

And another highlight was getting to sit in the front seat of the plane on our flight back to Oecusse :) I had such an inspiring chat with our pilot the whole journey! And it was also really cool cuz we did all the talking through that microphone!! It made talking even more fun than it already is! And of course the beautiful scenery... So much more clouds in the sky now and the mountains are actually getting greener! How lucky can I get!!!

Sigh Each time I return to Dili I just love it even more!!! Love this place so much!!!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Big and Wide

Don Moen lyrics

Every valley is joined to a mountain top.
Be patient once again. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Mangoes and Letsgoes

With Sabet// It's finally Mango season!!!

Kathleen left for a vaca with her family last Saturday. She was like I need to leave to Atam Bua to get more bonekas(dolls)
So cutee

Hiked up a very tiny hill in Oecusse town. Its been on my to do list for a very long time but no one wanted to climb it with me til today! 

Well it wasn't very high, only takes about half an hour to get up and down. From the top you can see almost the whole town area with the sea behind. And the rest of the view were nothing but mountains and trees. Was really pretty darn beautiful! Right on top were the remains of the old Portugal and Japanese Forts. 

Glad i finally climbed it! Now I gotta find new things to do on my Mondays...